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The product

When we conceived MrTaper ® we immediately wondered how to solve the problem of all those who have to work all day with boxes and tapes but at the same time having your hands free to carry them or take further action.
As often, Nature suggests the winning ideas to improve our lives.
The idea then of "extend" ideally the nail of our thumb and make it useful for opening and closing boxes is certainly the most simple and spontaneous.
MrTaper ® was taking shape, it remained only the substance.
The anodized aluminum was the perfect material for this product: durable enough to "tear" the tape but not to scratch the skin; totally hypoallergenic, malleable to conform to the shape of the finger.
Finally, the design, the taste is important, the investment in the years that you have done on your brand needs to be respected and valued by an object from the pleasant forms and on which your logo can be printed and always visible from your customers.

The idea to design Mr. Taper® born from the need to fill a gap in the use of self-adhesive tape!


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